About me

I've always been one of those people with way too many interests for way too little time. Over the past years, photography has made it's way from a simple hobby to one of my favourite things to do.


What photography means to me is connecting. Connecting to animals, people, to nature or simply to the moment. It's like my personal practice of mindfulness, since it takes calm observing, patient waiting, a continuous change of perspective and the ability to be in the moment.


Photography to me also means experimenting, trial and error. The simpliest setups can result in the greatest pictures. There's just no end to the possibilities when working with a camera, with light and shadow and colors. While this would swamp me with any other creative task, with photography it's really what keeps me going.


Also I've fallen in love with beauty retouch and photomanipulations lately. But I'm only getting started on these two :)